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Giovanna Bossi (Finpiemonte S.p.A.): Chiara Gallino (CSP): Marco Ramella Votta (Torino Wireless):

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Living Piemonte is the rising network of Regione Piemonte aiming at sustaining the transfer of research and development results into new products and services which could be appealing for the markets.  The creation of this network is going to be one of the most important instruments for the regional innovation strategy in the following years: the potentials of broadband technology will be exploited at their best thanks to the intersection with innovation cluster policy and with programmes dedicated to the digital divide reduction and to the local development promotion.  

a. Innovation clusters

Regione Piemonte is creating a network of 12 innovation clusters and living labs will be part of the general activity of these clusters, encouraging innovators to transform their ideas into marketable products and helping them to overcome some of the hurdles than new and unproven ideas usually face for adoption, however great these ideas may be. They will provide opportunities to involve a broad test market in the development stages of products and prototypes, in a supportive environment, in order for innovations to scale up and commercialise.  

b. Digital divide overcoming

Regione Piemonte has been carrying out interventions aimed at overcoming digital divide for many years. Within the Wi-PIE initiative (,- a multi-year programme aimed at equipping the region with a widespread broadband connection system and innovative services), in 2005 an important pilot project has been launched, aiming at transforming isolated mountainous areas into “digital territories”, promoting sustainability and digital convergence and identifying a model to overcome hard digital divide. The project has been carried out as a Living Lab: it launched an open-air lab to test a complete digitalization process in Orco and Soana Valleys (VOS), a trial area carefully selected in order to maximize the model’s transferability into other similar regional areas.