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At its core LLM is the gateway between the different stakeholders with an interest in the development of sustainable cities. Through a number of structured processes,  researchers from various universities,senior advisers from governmental organisations, industry decision makers and open community groups will all contribute to the project set forth by LLM. Multidisciplinary projects aggregate the user centric open innovation' competences on specific themes or objectives .The operating organisation of LLM will be the Maltese Institute of Open Innovation and hosted by Smart City Malta. The institute has an active policy of developing partnerships in Malta and the Euro-Mediterrean area and will cooperate with ENoLL members.

Description of Concept

The concept of Living Lab Malta (LLM) has been developed and exploited on the base of the global project of SmartCity Malta (SCM). SCM is the first-of-its kind knowledge-based township in the southern part of Europe. A key component of its service offering includes the need to link high-value knowledge businesses, with IT enabled services to provide supporting transport/logistics/retail/public systems and networked virtual communities. Malta Living Lab will need to cater for improved urban design and structures, transport efficiency, sustainable development and concerns related to the environmental  and climate change.Living Lab Malta is to extend the research and innovation of the cleaner technologies and low-carbon-emission energy at European level, and create a common environmental benefit, where the overall economic focus is more local and regional/city-based than global, with low-to-medium economic growth.

References and Track Record

LLM, in its bid to develop best practices for IT enabled services in developing sustainable cities will also look closelyin areas such as  Intelligent Transport, Logistics, Building and Room Management, ICT and Renewable Energy, Food, Health, Urban Design and collaborative learning.This is what we mean by 'eco-innovation'. LLM proposes a new way to accelerate eco-innovation in Malta. LLM aims to influence the 'marketplace of ideas'; but more importantly the LLM concept is based on a recognition that themarketplace is strongly shaped by concepts and visions of future goods and services emanating from producers and researchers.Living Lab Malta has 2 key drivers; Firstly to change the landscape of expectations of a sustainable future and a role of sustainable city-concept and secondly to open-up the eco-innovation space in the maltese economy; through a set of key studies and a national project on the liaison of Maltese heritage and value creation of the sustainable development, the branding of key economic pillars such as tourism, in the Maltese Islands. This is done through the attraction of some leading international companies to share their technology visions/ experiences on the intelligent electricity/renewable energy for the main stakeholders of the Living Lab (like the first wind farm in Malta) and through the development on the collaborative learning for the future cities’ s young generation  (national project) as well as the set-up of the national project about the emergency high quality mobile services  in healthcare (for municipalities).