Living Lab Campiña de Jerez

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Information doc: 

Joaquín M. Gonzalez Alvarez

Plaza del Ayuntamiento S/N. La Barca de la Florida, 11570, Spain


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LL Campiña de Jerez

LL Campiña de Jerez can be defined as a joint entity (PPP-Public Private Partnership), aimed to motivate and extend creative and innovative capacity by promoting "Information Society”; innovation and cocreation processes; technologies, platforms, products, services and business models' validation in social environment and real context; all of them directed towards the improvement of rural population's quality of life, specially between people in risk of social exclusion. Our LL is about the definition of intelligent territories: on one hand, pursuing an innovative and eco-efficient administration, easily accessible to our rural population, who are ususally scattered and remote from urban centers where they must deal with the bureaucracy; on the other hand, incorporating new technologies and innovation as key tools to meet the challenges of energy shortage and environmental pollution.


Our Living Lab was created as an initiative to promote territorial and social development and economic growth in our rural area, through an innovative methodology. We use to think that innovation comes from researchers and technicians, but we defend the thesis that people have many things to say, contributing together in the development process, using new technologies and investment in R&D+innovation, believing in a better education and formation etc. These are the main keys that Living Lab Campiña de Jerez utilizes to achieve success in a globalized economy. That's our crew's way of understanding the innovation progress: involving people with project's processes from the idea, to the design, throughout the development and evaluation.

References and Track Record

The Steering committee of our LL is composed by the Local Action Group Campiña de Jerez (which is composed simultaneously of various public-private entities), the Office for Research Results Transference (OTRI), Cádiz's University (UCA); rural department of the City Council of Jerez; and different companies working for innovation and technology in the territory.

Main projects developed:

1. Geolocation System: it was a pilot project which established a system for geolocation that allowed placing people suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other mental disabilities, through an internet interface, thus improving mobility options and being a tool supporting caregivers and families.2. Renewable energy: the objective of this project has been to equip rural districts scattered throughout the territory and without lighting or street lighting systems, with street lamps feeded with renewable energy.This improve rural population's quality of life by promoting the dynamism of the territory and reducing its marginality.