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Recent events have reminded us the vulnerability of our societies in regard of natural, technological and industrial disasters. Our modern way of life has increased our exposition to potential sources of conflicts. Risk management has become a key issue.  Where most investments have been deployed by governments to recover from crisis, we try through this LivingLab to explore answers built bottom up. How can local organisations organize to be able to prepare, face and recover efficiently from these events. What are the tools new technologies offer local stakeholders to achieve a better crisis management. How can we achieve a sustainable developement in regard of risk issues.  Exposed over the centuries to a major flood risk, the city of Tarascon, located on the lower part of the Rhône river (France) has explored organisational and technological answers to deal with this risk and has proposed to share its experience in the Enoll community context. We expect this LivingLab to be an opportunity to develop better risk management strategies based on a collabortive network where its members will share their experiences in regards of the risks they have to face.    


Full scale events organized in partnership with local, regional and national authorities, private partners, technological clusters and local stakeholders (associations...) have been the opportunity to test the efficiency of this global risk management approach.  These events brought answers, they also raised many questions. With the help of the Enoll community and our partners we will explore in the close future new tracks to build and share better risk management strategies.