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Dirk Osstyn

Copernicuslaan 50, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium

Tel: +32 3 240 91 22


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The objective of LeYLab is to build a living lab environment for Next Generation Access (NGA), based upon fibre, in geographical restricted areas. The goal of this living lab is to test innovative applications/ services over this NGA infrastructure. Fibre offers unprecedented test facilities, in terms of bandwidth and QoS, and stimulates the ICT sector to develop innovative applications, which make optimum use of the fibre capacity.

The initial focus of LeYLab is mainly residing in Multimedia and e-Health applications, both in the broadest sense of their meaning. Multimedia not only comprises audio, video and still images, but also gaming for instance, while e-Health should not be seen from a purely medical perspective but also refers to wellbeing in general including solutions for supporting elderly persons.


LeYLab is based upon a so-called Open Service platform, using industry recognized standards (Broadband Forum, OSGi, DLNA) for device management, application lifecycle management and sharing of multimedia content within a home environment. Open (Java based) API are used for the easy integration of third-party applications within the Open Service platform. The API and SDK details are provided towards application providers that have decided to step into a test-cycle with LeYLab. Application providers may consider LeYLab as a simple technology agnostic cloud with an open plug for entering their application at one side of this cloud, and with a test panel ready to give feedback at the other side.

Furthermore, applications using this API can be introduced to the panel easily thanks to an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) ™ system, allowing remote application management (creation, update, deletion) in a push mode towards the client devices. This makes LeYLab very efficient for accepting new applications.

References and Track Record

In the e-Health domain, LeYLab offers video communication for persons that have mobility restrictions (age or other reasons). From a technology point of view, this implementation offers an easy user-friendly interface (simple remote control and TV set) so that it can easily be adopted in the existing household.

More importantly, it offers persons with restrictions to increase their social interaction with relatives and family. In this way, they are able to stay in their comfortable and known environment without being deprived from professional healthcare and social support. From the outset, this project has proven to outweigh the initial targets of expected demand for LeYLab, so that it has been extended towards a larger public within the living lab. In the multimedia environment, projects are running to offer local community HD content, but also a feasibility to share home multimedia with other panel members. Thanks to the high bandwidth capabilities in both directions, it is easy to upload and download high quality multimedia materials in an instance.

A project has also been initiated for high-speed gaming. Fibre not only provides high bandwidths into each home, it also ensures low latency. This is a key differentiating factor for online gaming, as reaction time makes the difference between winning and losing.