Lever- Thessaloniki Lever for Open Innovation

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Information doc: 

Effie Vlahopoulou, Thessaloniki Living Lab , 9th kil. Thessaloniki-Thermi Road – P.O. BOX 60755 THERMI 570 01, GREECE , tel +302310 501229


Effective member: 

Thessaloniki Living Lab (Thessaloniki LL) is a newly proposed Living Lab, located in the greater Metropolitan area of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is at the heart of the Region of Central Macedonia which was declared as “Southern European Region of the Future 2006/2007” by the Foreign Direct Investment Magazine. The regional stakeholders have been actively involved for more than a decade in creating infrastructure and institutions that promote technology and innovation. The motivation behind the creation of Thessaloniki LL stems from the determination of all these stakeholders, to build upon the experience gained and further empower their network. Thessaloniki LL shall stimulate the creative potential of people and organisations within its locus of influence towards the development of innovative ICT products and services by providing a test bed for fermentation and cross-fertilisation of ideas, concepts and prototypes. Thessaloniki LL operational objectives are: To create a breeding ground for knowledge creation and dissemination, including the development and exploitation of formal and informal networks of collaboration. To re-focus the relevance of the core competencies of the firms and the research organisations within its area of influence into creating and sourcing innovations. To co-ordinate the various players across the life cycle of developing ICT applications and services towards exploiting the cumulative technological sophistication and R&D activities for developing innovations tested within real-life contexts.

To acquire and share expertise with other LLs in terms of applying the principles of open innovation in the field of developing new products or services. To develop trust, collaborative attitudes, coherence among its stakeholders.


Application Focus


Regarding the application focus areas, Thessaloniki LL is initially expected to build on the strengths of its stakeholders, namely mobile services, interoperability, industrial informatics, eHealth / Home Care, the semantic Web, e.t.c. This list will be flexibly modified in the light of stimuli acquired through the collaboration and the knowledge sharing envisioned by the LL. It is also expected to create synergies between the ICT focused stakeholders and the more “traditional” industrial and service companies of Thessaloniki which is one of the largest industrial and commercial centres of Greece and the greater south-east European region.


AliquamUser/Citizen involvement


At first stage, Thessaloniki LL shall engage a pool of individuals / end-users in a small town within the Metropolitan area of Thessaloniki, of 17.500 inhabitants which is also the pilot site for developing a “Digital Community” in the framework the Regional Innovation Pole.


Organisation and Governance


Thessaloniki LL, an initiative of Technopolis Thessaloniki. It will be governed by a small professional Managing Unit of Technopolis and will be strategically guided by a Steering Committee that will  involve all relevant stakeholders. The scientific guidance will be provided by a multi-disciplinary Scientific Board that will bring together scientists from various disciplines within and beyond the Thessaloniki area.