Leaning Lab

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Information doc: 

Gualtiero Fantoni, +39 050 913028,g.fantoni@ing.unipi.it

Riccardo Apreda,+39 349 4682352,apreda@df.unipi.it  Presidenza della Facoltà di Ingegneria dell'Università di Pisa, via Diotisalvi 2, 56126 Pisa, Italy

Effective member: 

Pisa Living Lab - Leaning Lab The Leaning Lab is a free association of creative people, founded in Pisa in 2007 to bring innovation from laboratories into everyone's and everyday life. Our goal is to help citizens change their life and society rather than products, and assume a creative and active attitude towards the challenges of a constantly evolving world.  The Leaning Lab is the place of aggregation where talented people coming from different backgrounds (University of Pisa, CNR, Sant'Anna, Scuola Normale Superiore and many high tech companies) collaborate to solve problems and invent new products and services.

Description of Concepts 

The Leaning Lab is the evolution and the point of convergence of various local researches and experiences in participative environments, collaborative problem solving and virtual communities.  Our winning ingredients are multidisciplinariety, collaboration integrated with meritocracy, and knowledge sharing. Therefore LL participants are considered not only as users, mere customers of products or clients of services. They become the main stakeholders: authors of decisions, creators and masters of innovation. The two main Leaning Lab activities are the resolution of existing problems and the development of radically new ideas, through the following frameworks:

- a new platform for collaborative crowdsourcing; 

- a set of innovative methods and tools to guide and enhance creativity in problem solving sessions;

- an original IPR tracking software to encourage people's participation and guarantee a fair reward;

- a "creativity sandpit and shop-floor" to generate new concepts and transform them into products.

References and track record

The Leaning Lab collaborated with many local SMEs and has partnerships with national and transnational companies such as IVECO, FinMeccanica, Motrol, Comau, Triganò. As main results we can cite new patents (Motrol and QuInn), dramatic cost reduction and improved logistics (National Starch and Finmeccanica), new products (Canali Systems) or market outlets (MainAxis). More recently various collaborations with other Italian LLs and institutions have been launched (FinPiemonte, Trentino As Lab and TTL-Sicily).

The Leaning Lab offers an IT platform with a proprietary semantic engine for IPR tracking and technical texts analysis. It has been used for patents clustering, search and comparison, for advanced problem solving and for fast processing of specifications.

Our group is also developing its own projects (i.e. 3D scanner photoscanner in the eHealth area, the portal http://www.toscana4u.net on eTourism, the augmented reality for e-Inclusion and industrial applications). The creative game “OneIdeaXDay” has won the jury special award in the K-Idea national contest. Finally the Leaning Lab plays an active role in high formation with the Master “Innovation Engineering” and the training on the job formula “Innovation Way” tailored for SMEs.