Issy-les-Moulineaux Medialand

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Information doc: 

Mr. Eric Legale, Managing Director of Issy Media, Hotel de Ville C/o Sebastien Levy, Partner Items International, Tel: +33 1 46 42 48 76, Cell: +33 6 22 01 30 10;

Effective member: 

The City of Issy-les-Moulineaux is a Living Lab for Innovation. Issy has developed a proactive policy to build a local information society which is innovative and open to all. The strategy adopted is to follow the developments of new technologies benefiting the population across the country, without any exception. Issy is a cluster for innovation. By creating a collaborative environment bringing together the public, the private and the research sector, Issy has developed a “reflex of innovation” studying and experimenting everything that could potentially contribute to improve the life of Issy’s inhabitants or the development of the local economy  

Description of concept 

A "hooked-up" and Internet-literate population 

Issy residents are the very first to test new technologies: mobile TV, fiber optic Internet access (FTTH), power line communication (CPL), mobile remote support for the elderly, mobile phone payment of parking fees, online payment of school meals… 

State-of-the-art administrative services 

Remote procedures, electronic procurement contracts system, outsourcing of information systems, call centre, online training for municipal staff. “IRIS multi-channel one-stop shop” (Information and Reception of Issy’s citizens) is the first single multi-channel portal for public services in France, it provide an easy and fast access to Issy's public administration.

More effective communication and Issy.TV, the first ever local Web TV channel, tools for a modern approach to communication. Access practical information, gather more extensive details regarding local information and news, use the Web site to present personal pages or question local politicians, get informed about the municipal budget by looking up the on-line financial report, combined with computer animation for children.

A range of new services for everyday life: 

Cyber-nurseries, cyber-tearooms for the elderly, mobile services, cyber-company incubators, videoconferencing with one's children away at holiday camps, digital creation at the Cube, the Digital Fortress project, Geographic Information System, online ordering of documents. 

Greater transparency in local democracy 

Strengthen citizen participation and improve local democracy through the use of information and communication technologies have been openly displayed objectives since the launch of the Interactive Municipal Council. A Citizen’s Panel has been put together to record the views of the population on various subjects of local interest. The participatory budget and Internet voting have been introduced for meetings of the neighborhood councils.


References and track record 


For the past few years, new office space projects have led to the setting-up in the town of some prestigious names from the world of information and communication technologies, most of which have left the centre of Paris and have found Issy-les Moulineaux to be better equipped, more modern and better suited to their development: Cisco Systems Europe, France Telecom R&D, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Orange Group, Steria ,Sybase, GFI , Wavecom. The companies in the town are at the heart of innovation with, among others things, the testing of mobile television, the next 100 Mb Internet access offers, or the project for the building of a new aircraft carrier.