International Centre for Decision Sciences & Forecasting (CDSF)

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Information doc: 

Prof. Dr. Andrzej M. Skulimowski, Research Director, +48126360100, e-mail: Ms. Alicja Madura, Office Manager, +48126360100, e-mail: International Centre for Decision Sciences and Forecasting of the Progress and Business Foundation ul. Miechowska 5B, PL 30-041 Kraków, Poland

Effective member: 

The International Centre for Decision Sciences and Forecasting (CDSF) of the Progress & Business Foundation, Cracow, Poland, has been admitted to ENoLL as the result of the 4th wave competition in March 2010, as its first member from Poland. The CDSF’s host organisation is the Progress and Business Foundation, one of the most respected technological foresight and R&D policy testbeds in Central Europe. While the pro- innovation and research activities of the P&BF date back as early as to 1991, the CDSF was founded as an autonomous Living Lab in May 2002.

Description and concept

The main areas of Living Lab activities of the CDSF is to support innovative enterprises in planning their technological strategies, focused on ICT, apolicy makers in developing the policies appropriately adjusted to new emerging socio-economic challenges. We tightly cooperate with public bodies and jointly fulfil the objectives formed in the most important Community strategic documents. The CDSF carries out technological and regional foresight exercises, promotes the modern methods of computer-aided decision support, multicriteria decision analysis and optimisation methodology. The projects are performed by the CDSF within the organisational structure of the Progress and Business Foundation and its subsidiary, the Cracow-based high-tech incubator P&B Incubator Ltd. (founded 1992). CDSF’s mission is to promote and use the interactive, user-centred, systematic, and objective approach in solving real-life problems to a maximum extent possible, assuring consistency, validation and verification of experts’ judgements in foresight studies and decision support. The CDSF cooperates closely with its academic and industrial partners, including the Jagiellonian University, AGH University of Science and Technology, Polish Academy of Sciences, SINTEF, RACTI, and many more. The Living Lab has an access to the expertise of over 400 experienced experts and lecturers from the P&BF’s expert pool, representing a diversity of relevant areas of science, technology, management, finance, and humanities.

References and Track Record

International networking experience includes the 5th FP FISTERA with studies on the Prospects of Knowledge- Based Society in Poland and the NMS&CC IST Insights published in a book by the EC, ESTO with studies such as “Research Investment Policy Watch”, “Structural reform and competitive Candidate Countries (CC) agriculture in an enlarged Europe", “The Perspectives of Bio-Fuels Production and Capacity in Poland”, “Waste Streams and Flows in the EU Candidate Countries”, "Training Needs in Foresight in the EU Candidate Countries” and more, as well as the performance of the ETEPS strategic advising for the EC DG Regio on „Impact of Innovation on Regional Development until 2020”, and over 100 consortia in different European and other international projects (FP IPs and SSA, LLP, Interreg, USAID). The V4 Living Labs project devoted to the Living Labs activities in the Visehrad Group countries has been carried out recently in a consortium with CHIC and Inova Nova. Further project partnerships with ENoLL members are sought, focused on ICT and foresight.