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Robson Lisboa, +55 11 85884811, Ana Sena, +55 92 81159954, INdT(Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia), Av. Torquato Tapajós 7200, 69093-415, Manaus AM Brazil

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Overall description and profile

The Nokia Institute of Technology (INdT) is located in Manaus, S. Paulo, Recife and Brasilia in Brazil. INdT develops user driven innovation platforms to support mobile products and services. User driven open innovation involves large scale involvement of motivated communities that get involved in the innovation process from the time of a new idea is created. The INdT Mobile Work Spaces Living Lab mission is to realize the vision of becoming a major player in the new emerging innovation fields of:

1. Active Spaces

Active Spaces aim to innovate on new ways to support adhoc collaboration and multitasking in mobile workplaces. The active spaces platform developed by NOKIA provides the ideal environment to design, pilot, experiment and optimize new collaboration application and concepts access to different platforms. INdT Mobile Work Spaces Living Lab will provide a user driven environment involving communities of users to address the challenge of defining the new services. The users experimentation should provide a better understanding of the needs for multitasking in the work environment and the level of inclusion of social aspects in the collaboration of the work space. We need to find the answers for what the users are motivated to adopt and what they feel as threatening their privacy and autonomy.

2. Internet of Things

Internet of Things includes an area with tremendous potential, where new sensing and communication technologies, along with their associated usage scenarios and applications, are driving many new research projects and business models. Three major themes pervade the development environment: novel sensing technologies to capture real- world phenomena, the evaluation of novel applications using both new and existing technologies and the appropriate infrastructure to facilitate communications with and the localization of billions of networked real-world objects. While all these technology developments are exciting, they also bear profound challenges from a social, legal and economic perspective. These are issues where the different users need to be part of the innovation process leading to the solutions as it is the case of the Living Lab methodology.


  • Unicamp (University of Campinas)
  • UEA (University of the State of Amazon)
  • UFAM (Federal University of Amazon)
  • Research Institutes
  • Federal (Brazil), State (Amazon) and City (Manaus) Government
  • Public and Private suppliers
  • Service Providers
  • Telecom Operators