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Host organization, location, contact person and contact details Cluster Imaginove Pôle audiovisuel PIXEL – 26 rue Emile Decorps – 69100 Villeurbanne - FRANCE Tél : + 33 (0) 437 568 901  Ludovic NOEL – CEO – Marie Soufflot – International Chief project –

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Highlight of LL objectives and profile/domain :  Imaginove decided to create a living lab in Rhone-Alpes/Lyon to help our members (about 120 SMEs, labs and schools) to take concern of the demand-driven approach. Our first concern is how become more efficient in our future collaborative R&D program by filling the gap between technologies and market needs. We strongly believe that a living lab, as a user-centric focus, is the key point for the surviving of our European image industries.  


Mission/Offer, capabilities and qualities The image industry, video games or animation or film, need direct contact with the public to measure how the public receives their products. The production of much products of image industry is made for the public. And it is important for firms to test what they are doing before launching. Our project to create our living lab is driven by our mission to build excellent R&D programs because they are connected with the users/demand. If Imaginove labs will be connected to its local consumers we clearly want to connect with other foreign living labs in order to benefit of their experiences but, more, to purpose to our members to test their concepts/services directly on an international fields.  

References and Track Record

Key figures, since its launch in 2006, the cluster Imaginove have: * given is label of approval to 70 research projects (R&D) for an overall budget of 70 millions Euros * helped with over 150 marketing and international projects * approved 6 new initial training programs (University or private schools) * organized over 1500 hours of on-going training yearly * organised joint representation at 15 International markets and trade fairs. * helped 10 companies to set up in the Rhône-Alpes region, representing more than 100 jobs to date including international companies.