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Pieter Ballon, iLab.o General Manager

tel. +32-26291893, e-mail: Pieter.Ballon@vub.ac.be

Pleinlaan 9,
1050 Brussels,
Effective member: 

IBBT-iLab.o sets up test and experimentation platforms and performs Living Lab research for achieving policy and business goals using stakeholder co-design. It is part of IBBT VZW and works closely with the User Policy Department, based at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium. IBBT iLab.o used the UrbiZone network, a WiFi mesh pilot network in the heart of Brussels, covering all college and university campuses.

iLab.o - Living Lab for Open innovation in ICT from IBBT on Vimeo.

Description of Concept

The concept of IBBT-iLab.o is is to explore and achieve policy and business goals related to ICT innovation using an iterative model of stakeholder co-design. The centre was established as a nucleus for open innovation activities and as a repository of relevant knowledge and expertise. It sets up, coordinates, facilitates and carries out Living Lab research using various Living Lab settings. As of November 2006, it is able to use the permanent and large-scale Campus de la Plaine WiFi mesh network set up by the Brussels government.

IBBT-iLab.o overcomes systemic failures in the innovation process by involving users at an early stage of the development phase, and by creating a trusted environment where small as well as large business stakeholders can meet in a trusted environment, and test out innovative products, services and business models. It also provides a platform for constructive technology assessment and for exploring societal and policy goals related to ICT innovation.

The Interdisciplinary institute for BroadBand Technology (IBBT) is the research institute founded by the Government of Flanders, Belgium, focusing on applications of broadband technology. It is composed of 14 top-of-class research groups, and involves the entire Flemish media and ICT business community. IBBT frequently carries out multidisciplinary Living Lab research to facilitate the development and exploitation of broadband services. The research includes technological research on networks, devices and content, together with research on user practices, domestication, usability, adoption, business modelling and regulation. 

 References and Track Record

IBBT-iLab.o embeds the qualifications to set up and to accompany Living Labs through its Living Lab Integrated Data Collection & Aggregation Model. It also performs research within and around these Living Labs, in the conceptual, experimentation and evaluation phase. The centre’s researchers have an extensive track record in policy support, business modelling and Living Lab research, including the development of interactive digital television applications and services. Other current Living Labs are in the field of e-tourism and electronic publishing.

Past Living Labs set up by the IBBT research groups included:

  • Living Lab testing an eReader device with e-ink technology with 200 dedicated newspaper readers (https://epaper.ibbt.be)
  • Living Lab on mobile television services using a pilot DVB-H network (http://projects.ibbt.be/maduf)
  • Living Lab for interactive mobile medical monitoring (http://projects.ibbt.be/im3)
  • In the I-City environment, the IBBT | i-City partnership is developed and tested a mobile city guide, local news applications, and media sharing services, in co-operation with industry partners like Concentra and Microsoft (http://projects.ibbt.be/romas).

IBBT-iLab.o is able to use the WiFi mesh campus network of la Plaine set up by the Brussels government and operational as of November 2006. This is a pilot network intended to be enlarged to the entire Brussels region.

IBBT/iLab.o is member of the ENoLL Council.