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Sasha Quester-Séméon

41 rue Jussieu, 75005, Paris, France

E-mail: sacha@imarginal.com

Tel: +33 9 50 78 96 13

E-mail: contact@imateriel.eu, http://imateriel.eu

President: Natacha Quester-Séméon

Secretary-general: Jean-Rémi Deléage

Effective member: 

i-Matériel.Lab is the user driven innovation platform dedicated to Cultural Heritage and Tourism, specialized in mobile products and services (Smartphones, touch screen Tablets, Smart Objects...


Our specialization gives us a good relevance in New Media and mobile studies and experiments.

The researchers, and digital specialists from our members (i-Marginal / CultureClic, Institute for Research and Innovation, Centre Pompidou, Cinémathèque française, Issy Media…), are already used to study the public needs in the fields of eTourism, Digital Cities, E-Participation, Smart spaces, Future media and content delivery.

We do research, testing, innovation & tech monitoring, as followed:

• Participate to answer Calls for proposals in France and Europe.• Improve the knowledge in the fields of culture and new media mediation abilities and theirdevelopments.• Perfect practices and develop nomadic tools adapted to these sectors.• Study and favor contribution devices for all practices of professionals, as amateurs(stakes in sociability).• Experiment innovation of mobility within the framework of patrimonial discovery, tooptimize conception and chances of success on concerned market, in pre-commercialphases or of launch.• Favor immaterial economy, the carrier of coopetitives strategies and new nearness.• Improve and finalize know-how, tools and marketable techniques.• Contribute to the promotion of cultural citizenship: a sense of responsibility for heritage and culture at a European level, and to facilitate public access to culture, particularly foryoungsters.

References and Track Record

Typical results and Impacts (examples)…

Launched in April 2011, the lab held a first meeting-workshop-debate day in Paris at IRI, Centre Pompidou and the French National Library, about innovative devices and use in cultural institutions. Our Lab expect to be part of a very active network about live testing, especially in our predilection fields, culture, education, tourism, mobility, as the Lab has been created on the behalf of its first partner, i-Marginal, creator of CultureClic, augmented culture.