HumanTech LivingLab

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Information doc: 

Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences (JUA) School of Business and Services Management Piippukatu 3,

FI- 40100 Jyväskylä, FINLAND

Tiina Martelius-Louniala, R&D Manager,

+358 40 5797668,

Juha Ruuska, Project Co-ordinator,

+35840 595 0482,

Effective member: 

JAMK University of Applied Science in Central Finland is developing a modern residential area of Jyväskylä called Lutakko into a user-driven innovation, development and learning environment. Himos tourism resort in Jämsä takes part in the development activity as well through a Living Lab methodology. HumanTech LL includes Lutakko Living Lab and Himos Experience Lab. The main goal of the HumanTech LL is to promote the development of the Lutakko and Himos areas to make them an innovative, user-centred environment for service business development by using Service Design methods.


A business hub of Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) and Tourism Services has been built up in Lutakko, and Tourism Services have been built up in Himos. The Living Lab operates by using Service design methods. Ideas will be created, new services and business models will be produced and tested, and competence and technology will be produced in collaboration with public development organizations, companies, research institutes, employees, students, and the residents of and visitors to the region. Service design methods, experience management, ICT and sustainability are important themes for HumanTech LL. Humantech LivingLab provides tools and help for companies and civil society in product development, for example service/experience design tools, methods & process, customer research, analyzing and foresight tools & methods and conceptualization.

References and Track Record

HumanTech LivingLab has already operated on various occasions in Central Finland.

•    A local restaurant and its sauna, located in an old factory pipe, were piloted as a development and learning environment for experience services.

•    Crowdsourcing for “Sauna from Finland” brand development: Living Lab and The Regional Development Agency organised a pilot crowdsourcing project together with the largest regional newspaper. The aim for user-driven content production was to collect and publish stories and photos about the sauna on the theme pages of the newspaper as part of the development of regional travel services and “Sauna from Finland” branding.

•    iLutakko ( is using social media as a tool for open innovation and idea generation. iLutakko represents itself as an ideation community which engages users (residents, customers and service providers) in service development within the Lutakko area.

•    Lutakko Living Lab has tested different service design methods for a better understanding of customer needs in various user-groups and has created user profiles for future service design for the Local Trade Fair centre. Additionally, new service ideas were collected and users were engaged in the co-production of future services.