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Information doc: 

Philippe Roy, +33 1 40 41 11 85, Or Eduardo Oliveira, +33 1 40 41 11 64, Cap Digital, 5 bis rue d’Uzès, 75002 PARIS, FRANCE

Effective member: 

The Greater Paris Region Living Lab aims to structure a technical and marketing incubator of innovative projects, relying on the regional Fiber Broadband network, to accelerate the prototyping and the industrialization of new innovative online services. It vocation is to better understand and develop new digital uses, to facilitate communication activities to disseminate and to share best practices and results gathered by local Living Labs such as “Quartier Numérique” in the 2nd district of Paris, the Center Georges Pompidou, the City of sciences, or the CUBE. This is achieved on a large scale deploying our living lab in the whole area of the Paris Region involving 5000 users.

Description of Concept

The Greater Paris Region Living Lab is the living lab coordinated by Cap Digital - the regional business cluster for the Paris Region, promoting French competitiveness for Digital Content Creation and Knowledge Management Industry (market est. at €300 billion). It articulates a new industrial vision for the Greater Paris Region, which ranks as one of Europe’s top two business metropolitan hubs and charts the strongest growth compared with the 14 other European metropolitan areas surveyed (2005). 

The Greater Paris Region Living Lab aims to promote positive incubation of world-class competitive companies within the region by boosting research innovation and job creation through inter-networking and collaboration of private, public and capital stakeholders.  To achieve this objective, the Living lab is compliant with the coordinator’s core activities:

  • Stimulating research & innovation through label accreditation, 
  • Fueling company growth through financial and industrial partnerships and lobbying 
  • Encouraging best practices and cross-application innovation through dynamic cross-disciplinary membership cooperation & networks, 
  • Expanding global market access through international alliances, marketing and communications 

References and Track Record

The Greater Paris Region Living Lab is a joint initiative of many public and industrial partners:

  • Cap Digital Paris Region 
  • Centre Pompidou 
  • Cité des Sciences 
  • Institut Telecom 
  • Institut de recherche et d’Innovation (IRI) 
  • Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord 
  • Orange 
  • Silicon Sentier 
  • Université Paris 13 

The Living Labs experimentation projects belong to the multimedia, knowledge and cultural industries and will encourage cross-disciplinary innovation between the 9 digital application themes of Cap Digital: Digital lifestyle and services, Video games, Design, Digital heritage, Audiovisual and new media, Robotics, E- Education and e-Learning, Knowledge engineering, Collaborative Technologies & Intelligence (ICT) – Open innovation.

Greater Paris Region Living Lab is member of the ENoLL Council.