FZI Living Lab Ambient Assisted Living

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FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik, Haid-und-Neu-Str. 10-14, 76137 Karlsruhe, Germany Dr. Christophe Kunze, Tel.: +49 721 9654 150, Fax: +49 721 9654 159, kunze@fzi.de

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The FZI Living Lab AAL is an open innovation network and living lab supporting research and evaluation activities for Ambient Assisted Living, a relatively new application domain focusing on technologies, services and business models for independent living, especially for elderly people.  


B on a realistic living environment for elderly people consisting of a sleeping room, a living-room / kitchen and a bathroom, the FZI Living Lab AAL acts as a development and evaluation environment  “enhanced” with a broad range of  existing commercial technologies and research prototypes. All those technologies are integrated into a sophisticated, service-oriented middleware environment, making it easy to design, implement and evaluate new, technology-based AAL services in a realistic scenario. More than that, the FZI Living Lab AAL is a network of researchers, companies (both technology and services providers), and end user organisations working together in end-user oriented research on ambient assisted living services:

• The LL act’s as an Open Innovation Network – providing information about the Ambient Assisted Living domain, giving access to specific competences within the partner network, acting as source of inspiration for new ideas, fostering innovation through consulting services, workshops, and demonstration facilities.

• The LL is also a technology platform – providing an open source technology and service integration platform (OpenAAL) as well as a broad collection of pre-integrated technologies and services (from building automation, telemonitoring, social interaction, communication, web services etc.) available as “building blocks”. This helps technology partners to get an easy access to new markets by using the LL as testbed, and helps service developers to create new service and business models with little development effort.

• Most important, the LL provides full evaluation services in order to support innovation. Therefore, the LL provides methodological support, evaluation services such as study design, implementation and analysis, as well as end user access. This dramatically facilitates product and business development especially for small and medium sized technology companies with a core business outside elderly care and assisted living.

References and Track Record

The Living Lab AAL is currently being used as a research tool in the AAL projects in which FZI and it's partners participate, such as SOPRANO (FP7 IP), AMICA (European AAL-169 project), VitaBIT, EasyCare, INSITEX (german research projects), and will be used in all future AAL projects. Besides the activities in funded research projects, FZI started to provide the Living Lab services for contract research..