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Daan Velthausz or  Patrick Strating,, +31(53)4850335 Freeband, P.O. Box 589, 7500AN Enschede

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Freeband is a large Dutch national research program aiming to create a leading knowledge position for the Netherlands in the area of ambient, intelligent communication. The goals of Freeband are to realize 4G communication and to create and sustain a coherent research and knowledge community in the area of intelligent communication solutions.   

Description of Concept

In Freeband more than 30 organisations study novel concepts and applications on intelligent communication, which are validated in (near) real-life situations. Aligned with the user-centric approach, is the embracement of Freeband of user-centric design and the Living Lab approach. Many mobile and broadband applications involve entertainment, convenience, safety or well-being of the user. These parameters are closely related to users being in their trusted home or work environments. Therefore, Freeband will enhance Living Lab research methods, will offer facilitating Living Lab instruments, and will apply Living Lab approaches in its research projects. True user-experience measurements are captured via the SocioXensor tool. Freeband applies its own Living Lab approach in the exploration of we-centric service in the healthcare and police domain. Furthermore, experience measurements are combined with extended reporting facilities, in order to create a generic toolkit for experience and application-use sampling. The toolkit offers direct support for Living Lab experiments. Several other project will use the abovementioned methods and support tools to carry out live experiments. 

References and Track Record

Freeband has experience both with infrastructure development and user experience. Infrastructure: Freeband organised connected Wifi hotspot testbeds in city centers, railway stations, and educational institutions. User experience: the Freeband project FRUX is dedicated to exploring the user experience and we-centric concepts, both from a methodological and practical point of view. The Freeband project TUMCAT  develops a toolkit for supporting user experience measurements, based on the concepts of the FRUX project.