Frascati Living Lab

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Information doc: 

Luigi Fusco, emailto: ESA-ESRIN, Frascati, Via Galileo Galilei 00044 - Frascati (Rm), Italy, office: +39 06 94180530, mobile: +39 335 7784095

Effective member: 

The Frascati Living Lab is taking advantage of the local regional, ESA-ESRIN and EC committed funding in developing applications and innovation actions to experiment a dynamic collaborative platform to support the development in real life scenarios and experimentation of: − Innovative applications involving incubation processes, such as those promoted in the ESA - BIC Lazio incubation initiative − More traditional applications in sectors such as environment, agriculture and tourism.  

Description of Concept

The South-East part of Rome, close to Frascati, is unique in the Lazio region and in Italy as it is the most populated technological and research area in terms of SMEs dedicated to innovative sectors. In particular, among other institutional centres, in this area are located the campus of the second University of Rome Tov Vergata, the Banca d’Italia technological centre, INFN largest Italian Nuclear Physics Lab, ENEA technology centre for nuclear fusion, one important CNR site and the ESA Frascati establishment. The Lazio region considers innovation as a key-element of its regional politics for economical development and it is supporting the implementation of an advanced network and infrastructural system to promote the cooperation with industry and the research centres and for developing innovative services for e-government, urban, environment, e-health, education, tourism, culture, multimedia and audiovisual. The area is a key location in Europe for experimenting the Living Lab approach in the development of innovative services.  

References and Track Record

ESA Frascati establishment has competences in Earth Science applications and in spacecom services. In the last few years ESA has been particularly active in developing and promoting business development and, in particular, e-collaboration technologies in various space sectors including Earth Science. Examples of projects and results achieved in this line are: THE VOICE – Thematic Vertical Organisations and Implementation of Collaborative Environments ( and AMI4FOR  (, to propose a new Ambient Mobile Intelligence (AMI) concept for management of agriculture and forestry, integrating mobile communication, new navigation methods and spatial information including satellite images. Similarly other local institutions have initiated the process of experimenting alternative models for promoting innovation in the business processes, as the University of Tor Vergata, School of Economics - Centre for International Studies on Economic Growth – CEIS, Another example in experimenting new models and organizational settings supporting open innovation is the Virtual Professional Community initiative, launched in 2005 by ESoCE Net, ( the European Society of Concurrent Enterprise, in Rome, which is developing a new Collaborative Working Environment enabling Professionals and in general Knowledge workers to take active part in the innovation process of networks of SMEs especially in the Aerospace and Telecommunication sector. This initiative is specifically supported by the EC funded ECOSPACE and COSPACES projects. The Frascati Living Lab is built using the available infrastructure and integrating the services developed in EC funded projects.