FIAPAL Living Lab

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Information doc: 

FIAPAL – Fórum da Indústria Automóvel de Palmela EN 252, km 11,5 - Parque Industrial das Carrascas – 2950-402 PALMELA – PORTUGAL e-mail: ; phone: (+351) 212 389 128 ; fax: (+351) 212 389 129

Effective member: 

The automotive industry became of strategic importance to the Region of Palmela and has been one of the drivers behind economic development, involving an OEM and its suppliers.

Automotive is a very demanding industry, with a workforce whose qualification level exceeds that of the manufacturing industry in general, with high quality and efficiency standards that are the result of its industry's global nature.

The aim of FIAPAL LL is to create conditions to facilitate the establishment of European partnerships that will enable: Knowledge and experience share of technology, products, services and processes developed in the existing LL network; Networking with other Living Labs of EnoLL; Increased competitiveness of the business and industrial community; Attraction of more business, qualified human resources and structural investment of technological basis.

Description of concept

FIAPAL LL is a network for business in the Portuguese automotive engineering and manufacturing industries, as well as partners from services in the supply chains that create and deliver products and services for the automotive industry. FIAPAL provides the support for its members to integrate into the global automotive industry and to improve the range of their products and services.

Therefore it accelerates the efficiency of its members by providing adequate research and development and co-operating with expert development and scientific institutions both in Portugal and Abroad.

The primary stakeholders involved in the FIAPAL LL are:

  • Local government:Palmela Municipality; 
  • FIAPAL and respective industrial associates;
  • Business and industrial community of Palmela council; 
  • Research, engineering, training, consultancy organizations. 

References and Track Record

The automotive industry in Portugal is a paradigmatic case of success measured by the results already achieved through a well structured strategy that has been stimulating and supporting public/private partnerships with a strong focus on adding value to their products and services through the co-creative innovation of SMEs.

FIAPAL LL in the recent years has also been promoting new competitive capabilities in terms of logistics flexibility including niche markets. It is reckoned by all stakeholders involved that a major pillar of this success is the strategic vision shared and contributed by all members. The partnerships have been extended to international sources of technology such as the MIT in USA and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany.

The Center of Excellence, CEIIA, is the driver and facilitator of the technological advancements required or available to the industry. FIAPAL facilitates the innovation process of bringing together the developers and the users of technologies mainly in the context of SMEs partnership addressing new market needs.

Future Plans

The future of the Portuguese and regional automotive industries is in line with a new competitive paradigm, namely by reaffirming a strategy of specialization in niche and special vehicles, supported by an extremely competent and flexible components industry in expansion in the international markets, anticipating a future positioning of the region as a “cluster of mobility industries”, a pilot region for the development and testing of new generations of mobility concepts and technologies.