Far North Living Lab

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Information doc: 

E-mail: contact@farnorthlivinglab.no, Ellen Brox or Njål Borch, Norut, Po. box 6434, 9294 Tromsø, Norway

Effective member: 

Far North Living Lab has a main focus on digital media and distribution to reflect the very creative environment found in the North of Norway. The lab will provide basic services to all projects using it, like high speed network connectivity, data storage, P2P distribution technology and so on. It will also provide infrastrcture to share knowledge, announce events or projects and communicate with interested parties.   


Far North Living Lab is for research and experiments in digital media and creative businesses. Partners so far comprise researchers, film producers, musicians, game producers, digital cinemas, international music festivals, international film festivals, ISPs, etc.

The most important capability and attributes of Far North Living Lab:  

• A network of researchers in different fields, creative businesses and artists, scenes and innovation businesses that have all signed up as members of the Far North Living Lab  

• Both research projects and creative ideas are using the lab. The lab is open both for long-term research and short-term "stunts" that might trigger innovations and discover new challenges.

• Gigabit fibre optic network in a county covering scenes and cinemas, research organisations, schools, digital centres and municipalities. The network is free of charge for the living lab

• Innovative content and creative know-how made available by digitized cinemas and other scenes together with artists and festivals

• Early access to software for p2p distribution and storage through several research projects

References and Track Record

Far North Living Lab collaborates with ongoing research projects. These projects were part of the motivation to establish the lab.

• P2P-Next: A European research project collaborating with the lab via P2P-next living lab  • P2P media bridge - A Northern Norwegian P2P project with a focus on Digital Creativity (film in particular) and long tail material

• NoCry (Norwegian only) - Creative Youth project - commercialization of young talents  A couple of events have been arranged by the lab and more are planned in the near future.  

• Video on Demand of a 2K resolution video in a cinema theatre. This was also the launch of the Far North Living Lab  

• Live streaming of music to the silent film Mother from the Insomnia festival in Tromsø to the Notch film festival in Beijing