Euro-Mediterranean Initiative for Technology and Innovation

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Dr. John Attard, Chief Executive Officer, LL EuroMedITI: T: +356 2122 4544, M: +356 7997 3044, E:

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The Euro-Mediterranean Initiative for Technology & Innovation Living Lab (LL EuroMedITI) was launched in January 2007. Initiated by the Government of Malta as a platform for technology transfer in the Euro- Mediterranean region, LL EuroMedITI is a strategic innovation hub encouraging the development, customization and deployment of technologies within the Mediterranean Region. It directly addresses the objectives of the Lisbon Strategy - to develop European networks of innovation at a regional level, so as to increase knowledge and technology transfer and thereby promote economic growth. In addition, LL EuroMedITI is a critical support vehicle for both the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Union for the Mediterranean. One of the objectives is to strengthen scientific research capacity by putting more emphasis on strategic projects of special relevance to the region, integrating R&D, technology transfer, training and other innovation-related activities.  

Description of Concept 

 LL EuroMedITI operates through REGIONAL networks of partners and customers, focused primarily on (Southern) Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Technology sector foci are determined by regional and national strategies and requirements (economic, educational, industrial, and research) and LL EuroMedITI continuously re-evaluates its sector focus as the strategies and requirements change. Both vertical sectors (e.g. ICT, renewable energy) and horizontal, cross-sectoral areas of activity (e.g. marine-focused software development) are considered.  LL EuroMedITI is a Malta-Government owned, not-for-profit limited liability company and the shareholders are: the University of Malta; Malta Enterprise; Malta Council for Science and Technology; and the Malta Federation of Industry. LL EuroMedITI provides: regional intelligence; project management expertise; infrastructure and support; and its core expertise is supplemented by its network of experts. Primary stakeholders include: local and regional, formal and informal clusters; academic institutions; government entities; SMEs; NGOs.  Key regional partners in the LL EuroMedITI network include: Fraunhofer-Verbund Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik (Germany); Steinbeis (Germany); VTT (Finland); National Research Center (Egypt); CEDARE (Egypt); Egyptian European Council; Council of Arab Economic Unity (Egypt). LL EuroMedITI is constantly looking to grow and develop its regional network and new partners will be invited to join the network as the situation demands.   

Track Record & Successes

 MARSEC-XL (  – Maritime Software Engineering Cluster of Excellence – a PPP “living lab” initially incubated by LL EuroMedITI and Steps Ahead (Malta). The MARSEC-XL Foundation is set up to shape the digital future of the yachting industry through the application of marine systems and software engineering by providing an unbroken sustainable innovation chain encompassing a range of activities from applied research, education and training to business operations and technology transfer. MARSEC-XL consists of four building blocks, including: MI- SE@MALTA (Marine Institute for Software Engineering); S-TEC (Superyacht Technology Expansion Centre – the hub and “living lab” for all services performed on board and around yachts); and MBP (Marine Business Port).   SECUTE – EU-funded project focused on critical infrastructure (information) protection. Together with Fraunhofer SIT (Germany), CE.S.I.E (Sicily) and the World Centre for New Thinking (Malta), LL EuroMedITI is developing on-line courses, workshops and tools designed to create a regional common understanding of risks and threats and knowledge-based security behavior. These will be used as a basis for international co-operation between enterprises, for private-public security partnerships, common crisis management training and education.   The Valletta Forum ( – premier, annual Euro-Mediterranean Event on regional technology transfer. Aimed at leaders from amongst all stakeholders in the value chain, the Forum is a platform for free and open dialogue, promoting plans of action that are inclusive of socio-economical, environmental, cultural, ethical, political and technological input and implications.