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Contact: Anilton Salles Garcia, +55 27 9963 6976 Alexandre Zon, +55 27 9946 2631 Address: Núcleo de Cidadania Digital, Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Av. Fernando Ferrari, 514, Centro de Vivência, Campus Universitário Goiabeiras, Vitória - ES, Brasil, 29060-900

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The Digital Citizenship Living Lab, NCD, is an Extended Program of the Federal University of Espírito Santo. It develops and offers computational services to the community, so that it promotes digital inclusion in the state of Espírito Santo. As main activities, there are the direct attendance to the public, several offered courses, the produced technical notes and brochures and the support given to other digital inclusion projects in the state of Espírito Santo.


The available information technology infrastructure that include computers with multiple open source applications and high speed Internet connection, are some of the offered resources to the users, who may use the NCD for different purposes such as preparation of school assignments, e-mailing, data storage, documents printing etc.


The Digital Citizenship Living Lab also provides different courses including since basic aspects until advanced computational contents. There are alternatives for people with different levels of knowledge, from the ones who never had contact with the computer to those who has more advanced knowledge.

The Produced Support Contents

In addition to the provided tools and courses, the Digital Citizenship Living Lab also has another important role: contents production. Handouts, newspapers, website, and systems/texts for the better use of the laboratory are some examples of material made in the Living Lab. They are developed based on scientific research and development, practical experiments and a lot personal effort.

Support to other initiatives

The NCD aims to work with other social projects of the state as much as possible and it also complements and extends the action of the Living Lab. To achieve this, we always look for the simplest and easiest solution. The Living Lab is available even for students of the Federal University or for the wider community, especially for those who does not have access to the information technology tools. To broaden the attendance, the NCD also offers some resources for people with special needs, such as voice synthesizer software and Braille prints.