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Host organization, location, contact person and contact details...  Office : Erasme, parc d'activités innovantes, 69930 St Clément les Places CEO  Yves-Armel Martin

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Highlight of LL objectives and profile/domain

  Erasme is specialized in digital innovation for public administrations. We focus specially on three fields :  education, museums and elderly people.  We run open innovations projects with schools, museums, families, retirement houses.  Our living lab involve urban and rural areas (around Lyon, France).  And we set up connexions between our different fields and users.  We are specialised in designing new use of technologies for public services.  


 Erasme is a living lab, 100% public founded, run by a local authority Rhône Department. Our goal is to design innovative uses of digital technologies for public administrations with a focus on educational, cultural issues and also on ageing problems.  Erasme is connected to the Rhone high speed data network, it also run a datacenter for local administrations. 12 people are working at Erasme. with various skills in development and technologies like Internet of things, natural user interfaces, web2.0 but also in user centric design and project management. In 10 years we have built a strong network of experimentating end users.

References and Track Record

Typical results and Impacts … is a online learning environment used by more than 160 secondary schools (40000 activ users) that we use as a background to launch new projects with schools, artists, scientists and cultural centers. (  Museolab is our program about futur of museums ( Professionals from different museums visit this demonstration space and express their need in reaction of prototypes. Then we build with them some adaptation before they are tested in real life. Webnapperon is a name of a internet of things open platform currently tested for digital inclusion of elderly or disabled people. (  Each year more than 50 teachers, 1200 pupils, 150 elderly people, 20 museum professionals are directly involved in our living labs projects.