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Information doc: 

Javier Liarte - eHealthMadrid Living Lab Coordinator Email: Tel: +34 91 502 14 90 Mobile: +34 687 85 96 56

Host Organisation: Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica del Hospital Gregorio Marañón Calle Doctor Esquerdo, 46. Pabellón de Gobierno, planta baja

Effective member: 

The aim of eHealthMadrid Living Lab is to establish innovative solutions through ICT technologies to improve different healthcare scopes. Long term strategic objectives are to decrease sanitary resources utilization, improving coordination between different sanitary levels and offering healthcare continuity to patient, optimization of medical treatment, offer sanitary formation at several levels and to improve life quality of patient.


eHealthMadrid mission is to be a Citizen Innovation Laboratory for Healthcare quality Improvement. The Living Lab aims to be an open innovation space driven by user needs, promoting to establish innovative solutions through ICT solutions and applications allowing the improvement of healthcare services, quality of provided care and patient welfare and satisfaction.As a General Hospital, Gregorio Marañón can provide all kind of scenarios for the development of innovative solutions for the health sector. The Hospital has proved to be a strategic ally when the involvement of final users is needed in technological solution in the health area.

Some areas of interest to the application of ICT are:

- Hospital Pharmacy

- Geriatrics

- Hepatology 

- Nephrology

- Pediatrics

- Oncology

- GMP Clean Rooms

Currently eHealthMadrid offers two innovation scenarios to test and validate ICT solutions:

•    Remote elderly care, involving hospital and primary healthcare centre. Teleconsultancy solutionsare being developed, including high quality videoconference, biometric data unassisted gathering,patient domiciliary equipment and services and clinic history data sharing.

•    Hospital's Pharmacy Services improvent, employing track and trace tecnologies to improve laborwelfare and patient satisfaction. eHealthMadrid Living Lab is composed by two permanent partners, Gregorio Marañón’s Hospital providing the health infraestructure, final users and the gather of needs; and Ariadna Servicios Informáticos, a technological Spanish SME whose main activity is the application of ambient intelligent technologies, especially RFID systems, for identification and control of people and goods in eInclusion and eHealth contexts, among others. Ariadna is also specialized in developments for mobile systems and provides consultancy services in user-centric methodologies for Innovation (Open Innovation).

References and Track Record

General expected results for eHealthMadrid Living Lab are obtain a outstanding improvment of all posible healthcare service processes, its translation into a global improvment in population health and a possible healthcare system costs reduction. In remote elderly monitoring innovation scenario, patient health and welfare improvement and a reduction of number of hospitalizations.

eHealthMadrid is part of several Spanish R&D projects:

CISVI: promoting user-centric solutions and open innovation methodologies for innovation scenarios. Remote elderly patients monitoring solution is being developed for severe health failure.

Cardea: developed an Hospitalary service platform for trace and tracking applications.