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EDP – Rua Bandeira Paulista, 530. Itaim, São Paulo. Brazil.

Guilherme Benevides, +55 11 2185 5634, guilherme.benevides@edpbr.com.br

António Laporta, +55 11 2185 5905,


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History and activities

EDP – Energias do Brasil SA is a publicly traded company controlled by EDP - Portugal and host of the EDP/Brasil Living Lab. The firm is the holding of a group of companies that operate in the businesses of generation, distribution and sales of electric energy.Throughout recent years the EDP/BrasilLL developed more than 50 projects with up to 30 partners in each venture. This allowed us to obtain a significant know-how in managing living labs adopting collaborative methodologies, and in combining different medium assignments into large projects.

Our efforts are directed to a wide range of areas such as energy efficiency, reduction of the environmental impact of energy generation and distribution, quality improvement, automation of electricity generation and distribution, electronic metering, smart grids etc. These experiences allowed us to develop capabilities in: electricity generation and distribution; co-creation; research; project management; product development; demonstrational piloting and training.

The EDP/Brasil Living Lab understands that openness is a major source of superior efficiency in innovation, thus we frequently take part in conferences, symposiums and meetings to present our projects and findings. We also publish the results and detailed information of our innovative processes, particularly within associations of the electricity industry and within the sphere of ANEEL, the Brazilian agency that regulates the electric energy industry.

Moreover, in order to capture the benefits of a strong network EDP/BrasilLL is opened for new investors and partners. Most of our current projects were only launched after a public call inviting companies, research institutions and universities to join the venture, which is made via publications in journals, internet and news papers. For instance, a project launched by our living lab with focus on hydrothermal despatch attracted nineteen investors and two research institutions, many of them new to our network but selected to join the venture due to their competences and ability to bring their contribution to the project. Furthermore, we understand that the concept of openness entails receiving external insights and supporting third actors, thus EDP/BrasilLL regularly supports projects proposed by new partners, because when we think about open innovation, we think about a better future.