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João Rodrigues, E-mail: cm-chamusca@sapo.ptRua Anselmo de Andrade n.º 53, 2140-081 Chamusca, Portugal Tel. +351249769300Fax: +351249769309

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Developed on the basis of Industrial Symbiosis (IS) Networks (the first in Portugal) – in which a waste resource of one company is taken as a raw resource by other different companies – it implies an increased coordination and collaboration effort from its stakeholders (the rural community of Chamusca, university, industries and local/central government) in sharing knowledge and expertise, especially for the infrastructure and network management.   

Description of Concept

The ECO LivingLab@Chamusca was launched as a result of the Industrial Symbiosis Network at Chamusca’s Eco Industrial Park. This network supplies innovative goods and services, in accordance to the paradigm of Industrial Ecology, through the development of innovative businesses, creating jobs while safeguarding the area's ecological equilibrium.  The sub-objectives include:

a) increase regional and business sustainable competitiveness,

b) reduce environmental impacts of existing, and future, industrial processes,

c) increase the efficiency in using materials, energy and services,

d)reduce the amount of waste deposits in landfills and e)create and commercialize innovative products and methods.

In order to develop an industrial ecosystem at Chamusca, its important that the coverage of sectors is transversal. However, in order to establish the critical base for IS deployment, the first phase of the EIP is especially focused on introducing recyclers and logistic providers.   The EIP infrastructure is prepared to support high bandwidth telecommunications, as well as natural gas and the entry points for alternative energies (e.g. wind, solar, biomass) that are planned to be integrated in the EIP area. The services offered by the Living Lab are related to the services offered by the EIP to the companies. These are focused on R&D in recycling technologies, IS facilitation, certification provider (e.g. ISO and EIP certification), monitoring, data base collection and handling, business start up services, environmental education and training and centralized logistics. The Living Lab assumes, as said, the role of the “umbrella” for the articulation and integration of all the services and tools to be developed, engaging not only private sector stakeholders but also reaching out to the community, involving public schools, local ONGs among other entities.  

References and Track Record

During the first 3 years, the main operational results were associated to the construction, public presentation, establishing regional partnerships for the Competences Centre for Environment and Waste (CATRE) development and national and regional engagement of main stakeholders. The project has also received international attention, through its presentation at conferences such as the International Society for Industrial Ecology held in Toronto, Canada, and in the Technology Management Research Symposium, held in Lisbon, in which it received an award.