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Valerie Ayache, ADEBAG Managing Director, +33 4 76 54 95 64, ADEBAG, Biopolis, 5, Av du Grand Sablon, 38700 La Tronche Gerald Comtet, I-Care Cluster Manager, +33 4 37 37 85 80, gerald.ARDI Rhône-Alpes, 41 rue Garibaldi, 69006 LYON, Fr

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e-Care Lab promotes the living lab approach in the healthcare sector through an operational co-creation platform for the uptake of healthcare innovative solutions in Rhône-Alpes territory. e-Care Lab is at the interface between care organization (“patient follow-up”) and medico-social technical procedure (“related medical device”). It provides  healthcare practitioners with a coordination tool allowing them to propose adequate care solutions to patients.   e-Care Lab develops a territorial user-driven approach of innovative care solutions, embracing both collective and individual dimensions in the three following areas of major pathologies’ categories: cancer; chronic diseases and diseases of ageing people; neurological diseases and handicap. Our vision is to go beyond the “disease management by pathologies” to develop innovative solutions (products and services) for a renovated healthcare system. It includes an inclusive and integrated approach of the care process: prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.  


The e-Care Lab mission is to stimulate innovative products/services and design healthcare solutions for autonomy with all health stakeholders (health professionals, patients, home services and companies). This mission is declined in three axis: developing an integrative vision of care processes to ensure a better match between the supply of technologic products / related services and the needs of patients and / or practitioners; optimizing the integration of solutions developed in the process of care or in the medico-social support for patients and carers; developing safer, less invasive and more targeted technical medical procedures.   e-Care Lab facilitates the identification and the mutualization of the technological platforms, (components, infrastructures and services) and of pilot test platforms on the territory and health regional ecosystem (health network, healthcare entities, …). e-Care Lab offers a space test design, a clinical space validation, a life space assessment. It provides an organization to identify and label innovative projects addressing technical, organizational and social challenges in care.

 References and Track Record

Typical results and Impacts (examples)…  Through a broad range of projects at regional, national and European level, e-Care projects already have a proven track record in technological convergence between ICT & Healthcare (ex: Diabeo Project - Diabeo is a smartphone-based system aimed at helping type 1 diabetic patients to manage their disease) in normalization and large scale experimentation ( ex: SISRA Platform The health information system of the Rhône-Alpes region)  european implementation ( ex: Deaf persons project)