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Matjaž Fras

Čučkova ulica 5, 2250, Ptuj, Slovenia

Tel: +386 (0)2 749 32 27


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E-zavod Living Lab


The scope of E-zavod LL activities is focused on supporting the sustainable development with implementation of innovative R&D projects from the fields of ecology, energetic, economy, e-business, as well as new ICT innovation technologies.  E-zavod contributes to successful implementation of national strategies; therefore the efforts are oriented to European integration and realization of quality projects, supported with funds or policies from European Union. E-zavod also performs different supporting activities for the Operational plans and Strategies of Slovenian ministries linked to the implementation of EU programs.



E-zavod LL is operating in the terms of four pillars of sustainable development – ecology, economy, energetic and e-business. In the context of these pillars it is involved in different innovative R&D projects and therefore is mainly working and collaborating with partners from EU Member States and abroad (also with the countries from the former Yugoslavia). Currently, E-zavod LL is managing with 14 projects (CENTRALAB, INNOVATION 2020, PHILOXENIA, MOVE, SHARE, ENERMED, SAVE AGE, ENERGO-OPTIMUM, AATT, RECOVERY, etc…) and is mostly focused in innovative opportunities in the field of energy sustainability and waste treatment. Special expertise of E-zavod LL are preparation of administrative documentation for EU Cohesion funds, implementation of feasibility studies, preparation of cost-benefit analyses, sustainability impact assessments, and implementation of environmental projects. 

E-zavod LL has the potential to support the citizens as energy users in applying innovative ICT approaches and technologies in order to optimize energy consumption and improve waste management in the regional and national sense. Main competencies of E-zavod LL are concrete knowledge of innovation processes, good links with many relevant stakeholders and rich experiences with EU funded projects in the above mentioned fields. E-zavod LL employs 9 experts with high education with the rich experience in project management and its working fields. E-zavod LL is also linked with the main European consultants for project preparation and lobbying structures that ensures high success rate of submitting EU funded projects.

E-zavod helps Slovenians at home and in business to understand and overcome the barriers of being more energy efficient and using more renewable energy through innovative ICT services. The goal is to maximize cost-effective energy savings and the co-benefits for Slovenia and stimulate the uptake of both large and small-scale renewable energy. E-zavod LL core business is determined by assessing the potential for cost-effective energy savings and emissions reductions.

E-zavod LL also acts as a local business incubator for the Slovenia's lower Podravje statistical region, called “Mozaik podjetništva”. Business incubator is offering help to new prospective firms with different supportive activities. Our LL also offers use of facilities for "Mosaic of Business", it helps accessing companies to international markets, etc. The goal of this foundation is to achieve rise of undertaking culture in our region, contribution to greater success of individual business initiatives and development of a friendly region.

References and Track Record

E-zavod LL is dealing with:

  • long-term strategic direction to develop and promote a sustainable energy efficiency and renewable energy development through innovative ICT services enabling new forms off collaboration, 
  • socio-technical/technological changes in the area of energy efficiency and waste management,  
  • preparation of innovative R&D projects and applications; co-financed by the European Union. Some of the currently actual projects are CENTRALAB, INNOVATION 2020, PHILOXENIA, MOVE, SHARE, ENERMED, SAVE AGE, ENERGO-OPTIMUM, AATT, RECOVERY, etc…),  
  • technical assistance to cohesion and structural funds Slovenian managing authorities; financial and content revisions of EU funded projects, assistance bye the ESF and ERDF financial periods, technical assistance for adoption of EU based legislation.
  • trainings on EU project management and R&D implementation, expert studies preparations, etc…,
  • preparation of tender documents in accordance with EU contracting procedures for cohesion, as well for structural funds of the European communities in the context of the external actions and Slovene public procurement acts.

E-zavod LL has been successful in application of project proposal CentraLab (Central European Living Lab for Territorial Innovation) to Central Europe Programme – 3rd Call for proposals. Project starting date is 1st May 2011 and will last for 36 months. In CentraLab project E-zavod has a role of Lead Partner. Project is dealing with most interesting concepts available in ICT to spread and enable territorial innovation.



E-zavod Living Lab

E-zavod (E-Institute), Institute for Comprehensive Development Solutions

Čučkova ulica 5, Si-2250 Ptuj


Phone:+386 2 749 32 25

Fax: + 386 2 749 32 17 

Web: www.ezavod.si



LL Manager's:


Darko Ferčej


Email: darko@ezavod.si

Phone: +386 2 749 3225


Matjaž Fras

International project manager

Email: matjaz.fras@ezavod.si

Phone: +386 2 749 3227