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Ms. Tunde Kallai, tkallai60(at)gmail.comCreative Living Lab Limited Company, 6000 Kecskemét, Ilona u. 8. Hungary

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Description of Concept

Our Living Lab’s role is to create an IT based connection (in connection with the processing industry) in the field of robotics, plastic, printing and packaging industry between the knowledge centres, the producers and the end-users. In Hungary there is no integrated R&D, producing and application in the field of robotics, automation and IT technologies. Since Kecskemét is a regional centre for plastic processing, printing and automation on national level as well, therefore in this area we form a Living Lab in these fields. Kecskemét is a concentration point for the industry of South-Great Plain region, connecting to this formed the educational base of the applied technological sciences, on which our Living Lab program is based on. Hungary has a very talented Human Resource for software and we would like to integrate these talents and their competencies into our R&D activities. In our region one of the main challenges is the plastic processing. The knowledge and technology transfer would be easier through the LL network, also in close cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of the Kecskemét College. Participating in the program would significantly contribute to Hungary’s integration to the EU also in the field of innovation. Especially by the broadened networking cooperation it will be possible to gain new types of information (knowledge) and technology with the means of technology transfer and diffusion between the partners.

References and Track Record

For the time being we operate as a virtual Living Lab since all partners operate on its seats: the Faculty of Engineering carries out the R&D activities in the Kecskemét College, the Creative Living Lab Ltd. builds the entrepreneurial network, the international relations, provides consulting in its offices. To integrate these services we have the Creative Knowledge Centre project for creating the integrated physical infrastructures. CKC is an investment of reconstruction 7000 m2 building (former Soviet barracks) on a 27 acres real estate which is registered R&D territory in the local government’s development plans. Here would be situated the Living Lab. The major users of the Living Lab are the members of the 3P (Plastic, Print, Package) manufacturing cluster which is connected to the plastic- printing and packaging industry. This cluster mainly contains small and middle sized enterprises with 45 members.Beside the cluster members we engage the Student Hostel of Kecskemét College, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation of the Kecskemét College. The members of the National consortia of the Foundations for Enterprise Promotion, and also the Consortia members of the Regional Innovation Agency. The regional incubators, and industrial parks. We also connect the PHD students and those who participate in scientific workshops at the Universities in the name of equal opportunities favouring youngsters in the filed of research and development.


Machine and tool development for integrated manufacturing foamed plastic parts for the automotive industry.

Investigation of different faulty products to improve productivity.

Continuous Path Robot Control. Robot gripper design. Application of multi-level PLC networks etc.