Copenhagen Living Lab

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Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen (
Head of lab - Executive MBA,
Njalsgade 88, 2., DK-2300 Copenhagen S,
+45 20 23 22 05

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Copenhagen Living Lab is a leading Danish consultancy firm, operating in the field of userdriven innovation. We help our clients create direction, minimise risk and ensure a solid foundation for innovation initiatives.

We help our clients create new business opportunities, based on insights into needs and motivations framed by everyday life of common – and uncommon – people.

We bring organisations closer to their customer’s everyday life, and help transforming insight into unmet customer needs, into strategies for innovation.

We develop and facilitate complex co-creation processes, where mutual business partners and customer become involved as active players in the development of new solutions.

In user-driven innovation we find a discipline that based on a systematic approach and qualitative scientific methods, creates insight into unmet or unidentified user needs and see this as the very starting point for innovation. This requires an advanced methodology, springing from a platform of social and cultural sciences, especially ethnological and anthropological approaches in order to grasp the complexity of user- situations and everyday life.

The discipline is well suited in both public and private businesses, but mainly we focus our work in the public sector concerning citizens and development of welfare services as well as in the areas of experience economy.

In Copenhagen Living Lab, we do not see the boundaries between user-driven and user-centred innovation as strict, and in reality, the boundaries between the two concepts are often blurred. An example of this, could be where the users initially used for gaining insights into unmet needs, are involved actively in the process of developing new products and services. This continuously involvement of the users gives some potential advantages: The test-bed that the users represent can be used for recurrent iterations and tests of the new concepts and prototypes, in order to ensure that the new products and services always are aligned with the needs they should fulfil. We refer to the concept of building platforms for continuous innovation as living labs, hence the name of our company.

References and Track Record

Copenhagen Living Lab has been involved in a number of projects, ranging from quality development within childcare services, understanding and increasing life quality for elderly people and pinpointing the meaningful elements in the digital home (media, information and entertainment).

Selected clients are: The Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority, The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency, Nordea, The Danish IT Industry Association, The City of Copenhagen, The Danish Broadcasting Corporation.