C.LAB - Piedmont Community Labs

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Nicola Bizzarro (Head of CSI-Piemonte Laboratory Unit), +39 011 3165077,


Mauro Campo (Project Manager for Agri), +39 0171 480194,


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The C.LAB - Thematic Laboratories for the innovation community of Piedmont - will promote and diffuse the ICT technologies in the entrepreneurial system of small and medium companies with respect to products, services and processes. They aim at empowering the productive capabilities of the territorial system by supporting all its active actors. The C.LAB’s development program is based on structured and permanent relationships among the Public Administrations, the Universities and the Research Organizations, and the system of enterprises. The C.LAB are promoting by CSI-Piemonte, Regione Piemonte, Piedmont’s Universities. The first C.LAB to be activated will be in the fields of Agriculture and Food, Health, Logistics, Infomobility and Energy. Each field will have a precise territorial location in accordance with a regional planning.

Description of Concepts

Main objective of the C.LAB’s activity is the supply to piedmont production companies of tools for stimulating innovation in the regional territory through:

• the identification of needs for small and medium weaving companies;

• the development of strategic projects of innovative content and the experimentation of innovative technologies;

• the identification, selection and realization of project proposals for product, services and processes innovation on the regional territory, in a pre-competitive frame;

• the diffusion of innovation on the regional territory;

• the activation of the piedmont Innovation Community.

References and Track Record

The path of the C.LAB started in 2006 with the setting up of the reference model, withthe identification of the first sectors and with the kick-off of the first C.LAB in Cuneo (promoted by CSI-Piemonte, Regione Piemonte, Provincia di Cuneo, Comune di Cuneo, University of Torino - School of Agriculture), in the Food and Agricultural sector for the traceability of agricultural products. C.LAB Agri was inaugurated on February 2007 and started to realize some projects in different areas: fruits, cheeses, meat, seeds, honey, flowers. Now C.LAB Health begins to realize some project in the field of telemedicine, innovative devices and new services for citizen (promoted by CSI-Piemonte, Regione Piemonte, University of Torino, CSP, I. S. “M. Boella). At the same time we are involved to built other Laboratories dedicated to the Logistics, Infomobility, Energy and the Management of the Territory.