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Information doc: 

Nicholas Leck

39, Lotissement la Marie, 97225 Le Marigot, Martinique

Tel: +596 596 53 50 23


See here for the CIMLAB home page.

Effective member: 

CIMLAB Caraïbe Innovation Martinique Living Lab Initiated by the “Communauté de Commune du Nord de la Martinique” an its partners, CIMLAB is resolutely focused on citizens and the development of the territory.

CIMLAB developed out of CCNM and intends to grow following the example of Knowledge communities. It thus has a true reflection  on the  business  of tomorrow  and  required  skills. It  hopes  that  the  approach  of  public  –private  partnerships  will make it possible to define new businesses and to foster their emergence trough projects, products and services leading quite naturally to the development of long life learning. CIMLAB is accompanying the northern territories of Martinique and in a more  general way the West Indies  in  al its  prospective  dimensions,  as well through  geo  economical  data  analysis  as  by means of taking into account all the aspects of the territory of tomorrow.

CIMLAB is Living Lab of prospective and futurology CIMLAB’s major objective is to mobilise territorial players around competencies, and not in an isolated way, to adapt to the evolution  of  the  planet  and  globalization.  This  ecosystem  of  CIMLAB  intends  in particular  to  network  with  the  many opportunities for innovation with the players in the Caribbean and within ENoLL. CIMLAB medium term objective is via the  Living  Lab  to  become  a  reference  in  Martinique  for  economical  development  and  for  society  through  concrete  and measurable results. In a second phase to extend the operation throughout the West Indies.

CIMLAB’s Goals:

  • To develop a discovery and training space, where ideas are turned into company projects, where projects meet to unify or multiply
  • To incarnate the process of attractivity which intends to contribute on the scale of the whole of the territory, by emphasing for example al references to the durability of chosen evolutions for the safeguard of places of memory, the development of tools to accompany its valorisation.
  • Develop collaborations with other organisations which have similar interests in the following themes: Smart Cities, Internet  of  the  Future,  Internet  of  Things,  e-Government,  E-Participation,  Thematic  Tourism,  Regional  Culture, Territorial Services and rural development of Smart Areas.The steps to the constitution of a macro Caribbean area with the emergence of a macro-area as in, for example, in the Baltic and Danube areas.

CIMLAB’s partners:

The Community of Communes of the North of Martinique (CCNM); The University of the French West Indies and Guyana (UAG); Regional Parliament;  General Council; National Centre of Territorial Civil Service (CNFPT); The Steering Committee for the development of Martinique Information Society (CPSI); Territories of Tomorrow Foundation.

References and Track Record

The e-Nord project ( )answers in a modern way the turnaround of the lack of attractivity and imbalance of the territory. It falls under the steps of a homogeneous and coherent set of new information services and uses for all the public (internal and external to the territory) e-administration, e-citizen, e-economical development.

The “RIBINO” project ( )is a computerised network of the libraries is north Martinique has for objective access and sharing of knowledge and culture with the intent of re-launching public.

Rural-Inclusion Project ( ) this European project, aims at reducing the administrative constraints of our companies by implementing state of the art web based technology.

Multisite network business incubator project pul together state of the art ICT enabling start-ups resident in the incubator to benefit from mutualized services from all locations as if in their office.

If your are interested in collaborating with CIMLAB with a win win approach do not hesitate to contact us.


Homepage of CIMLAB here.

+596 596 53 27 01 or +596 596 53 26 00 CCNM / CIMLAB 39, Lotissement la Marie 97225 Le Marigot Martinique