Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab

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Christoph Stahl

Trippstadter Straße 122, 67663 Kaiserslautern


+49 631 / 205 75-0

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The Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab is a higher-class apartment suitable for the elderly and people with physical or cognitive impairments. With a size of 60 m2, it comprises all necessary conditions for trial living, intended for two persons; bath and kitchen are fully functional. Our research focuses on mobility assistants, such as the autonomous wheelchair ROLLAND that is able to safely navigate inside the lab, as well as home automation by applying methods of artificial intelligence and robotics. The user can control the environment by speech and/or a touch panel on a mobile device. Following the Dual Reality paradigm, the lab can be monitored and controlled by its virtual 3D model.


BAALL is the central living lab for AAL-related research towards cognitive and physical user assistance at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). In cooperation with our industry partners, we have integrated and enhanced various AAL-related products, e.g. an electronic wheelchair from Otto Bock, a height-adaptable kitchenette from Pressalit Care and Miele, and a bed from Schramm.As a 5th wave ENoLL member, BAALL is open for new partnerships and we welcome the integration and exhibition of new products and technologies. BAALL also offers the opportunity to evaluate systems through user studies in a realistic home environment; even trial living for several days is intended. We investigate residence scenarios and assistance systems for various age-related physical and cognitive limitations. Our aim is to develop infrastructures for technical assistance that allow their users to upgrade features on demand, without major construction or adaptations.BAALL adopts open standards to ease the integration of 3rd party products into the lab’s home automation infrastructure. In the near future, the complete BAALL environment and its mobility assistants will be accessible via the URC (ISO/IEC 24752: Universal Remote Console) framework. Accessible devices include:


  •  all lights and lamps, electronic sliding doors, windows;
  •  height-adaptable furniture: kitchenette, washing basin, bed;
  •  appliances:    TV ,    microwave,    refrigerator;
  •  mobility assistants: autonomous wheelchair ROLLAND and smart walker.

References and Track Record

BAALL has been developed in cooperation with University of Bremen in the EU FP6 project SHARE-it and the SFB/TR8 Spatial Cognition of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG). The most prominent result of this collaboration is the intelligent wheelchair ROLLAND that is able to fully autonomously navigate its user through the lab by voice commands, such as "please drive me to the dining table".BAALL is a also a member of the Competence Center for Assisted Living (CCAAL), a cross-project and cross-department virtual organization within the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence coordinating research and development in the area of Ambient Assisted Living - AAL. BAALL is accessible to visitors with private and professional interest in smart homes through frequent demonstrations. We also exhibited a BAALL remote demo at CeBit and the German AAL congress, which resulted in good radio, press, and TV coverage, i.e. in the science magazine “Newton” (ORF, 26.3.11).

ContactDFKI GmbH Safe and Secure Cognitive Systems Group Enrique-Schmidt-Str. 5D-28359 Bremen