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Bjørn Horten - CEO:, +47 905 99 496  Jørn Brandstorp - Incubator Leader:, +47 952 16 745  Hanne Nordli - Consultant:, +47 988 89 116

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Borg Innovation Living Lab` s (BILL) focus area is disruptive health care innovation. We are seeking new solutions within technology, other products, services and business models, which increase independent living and quality of life for elderly people. Our mission is to involve the real users and study their daily life, for designing and creating user-driven innovation processes.   


Norway, like the rest of the world, has great challenges related to the “elderly-boom” and the lack of resources in the health sector. We believe health care technology combined with services may be one solution to the problems we are already experiencing today. BILL will search for and test good solutions – products/technology, services and business models - which give life quality to the elderly by empowering them and making them more independent. We have already established a good partnership with Halmstad Living Lab and Copenhagen Living Lab who are both working with health care innovation and independent living for elderly. Through our membership in ENoLL we are hoping to find other partners to learn from and to co-operate with. Our Living Lab will contribute with knowledge and experiences from Norway in health care innovation and independent living for elderly people. We will also share working methods and the Living Lab approach with the other members in ENoLL. Through our projects we are developing tools and methods for human- centric open innovation. Our network consists of different user groups, their next of kin, home-help services, public sector and suppliers of products and services. BILL is primarily supporting products and services, and the combination of those two, in the early stages of the product/service life cycle – the introduction and the growth phase. An important focus is to combine health care technology with a service, and thereby create new concepts with existing or new products and services. Borg Innovation Living Lab`s ambition is to create transferrable results within disruptive health care innovation – Results that will be tested and practiced in real life environments in Norway. Together with Halmstad Living Lab, Copenhagen Living Lab and other Living Labs with the same profile, we are going to be recognized as a knowledgeable and innovative environment within health care innovation.

References and Track Record

Borg Innovation Living Lab is involved in several projects related to health care innovation, ranging from welfare technology, service innovation in the health care sector, service design, product development and market development.  Our Living Lab is currently in a start-up phase and the most important services we are offering our network at the moment are based on knowledge and experiences from the projects we are involved in.