Autonom’IS Limousin

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Information doc: 

Dominique Roussel, President Stephane Soyez, project manager, Parc d’Ester; Immeuble Cassiopée, 26 rue Atlantis, BP n° 36984 - 87 069 Limoges, France - +33 (0)5 87 21 21 38 ;

Effective member: 

Autonom’IS is a territorial, scientific and technical, and social innovative project which aims at developing solutions for compensating the loss of autonomy, based on a rationale of social inclusion and improvement of social care. The initiative transcends  barriers which typically exist within this field, by covering a variety of settings (medical, health, social, home), addressing both issues of ageing and disability, and combining a technological approach (ITC, home automation technologies) with a social approach (sociology, societal approach).  In order to do so, the project gathers three types of stakeholders that represent the whole of the innovation chain : 

• Research and education (via the University of Limoges and its various components) 

• Technological and industrial activities ( via the three clusters Elopsys, Odysee 2023 and E- design, gathering a number of innovative companies, which have placed the issue of ICT and health at the heart of their activity)

• Users (elderly and social/medical care providers)  LL promotes projects aiming both at adapting existing products to specific needs (user friendliness, interoperability, simplification), and at developing new products, functionalities or services specific to the targeted audience, while following ethical principles. Products are directed towards 6 fields: Integration of existing solutions; Follow-up/treatment of anomalies: Reliability/security of equipment (hardware); Exchange, handling, and protection of data (software); Comfort, usability and man- machine interfaces; Development of content (services …).  The Living Lab projects can rely on an integrated offer organised around 3 elements: 

-The Survey centre relies on a process of analysis and feed back of needs, and covers three missions: analysing needs; coordinating and centralising data; diffusion to R&D players; nurturing the debate between partners

-The R&D and training centre displays a set of competences able to support the development of innovative projects towards Living Lab project partners:  relationship building; hosting; access to expertise and infrastructure; scientific and technological survey; financial engineering...

-The centre for testing and validation mobilises a variety of complementary channels in order to access samples of patients, and gives access to specific infrastructure (automated flats, medical structures, homes...), in order to validate the technical characteristics of products and services.    

References and Track record 

Through a broad range of R&D projects at regional, national and European level, Autonom’IS projects already have a proven track record : projects to date have led to advances in methodology (frameworks for needs, measurement of needs), technology (evolution of products, partners:Legrand,…) and science (scientific co-publication at IFRATH 2008:University of Limoges - Odyssee2023 cluster – technological high school Favard...). They are also triggers of regional development with the implementation of firms within this field (Business Anywhere, Transversal Design, VISAGE...);