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Prof.dr.eng Aurelian Mihai Stanescu


University Politehnica of Bucharest 313 Splaiul Independentei, Bucharest Romania

Effective member: 

The intent of " Automatic control systems, Robotic systems, Computer science to support: e- Health care systems, higher Education & e-learning, energy and safe, e-transportation, e- manufacturing System of systems" is to develop into a system for building future economy in which real-life user-centric research and innovation will be a co-creation technique for new products, services and societal infrastructure. The final goal is to offer services which enable the users, identified as citizens, to take active part in research and innovation.

The main capabilities and attributes of the A.R.C.H.E.S LL are:

1. Enhance and stimulate Romanian and European cooperation and innovation in research and development activities with regard to user involvement in innovation processes, thus creating human-centric innovation system.

2. Focusing on research & development of regional or European projects to sustain the Romanian active role as a reliable partner being able to deliver holistic solutions that can be implemented on a global market.

3. Developing pilot implementations focused on gaining practically useful, high added-value solutions for additional and innovative businesses in Romania

4. Extending the collaboration & cooperation with the European Partners within the new EU paradigm of Collaborative Network Organizations and Living Lab Networks.

5. The involvement of “end-users” in the academic research, business innovation and development of citizen oriented political process modeling , for the accomplishment of the initiative, both where and when it is needed.

6. Developing pilot initiatives focused on local problems, within the country-wide Living Lab initiative. (Living Lab initiatives in other Romanian cities)


The main principle driving the A.R.C.H.E.S LL is that “innovation process should be as open as Possible” The three main ideas behind the concept of openness as adopted by our LL are: -open mind defined as the capability of being receptive to user generated ideas and being able to integrate those ideas in the product/service lifecycle.- open process implemented as a dynamic collaborative interaction between the major LL actors - open results defined as the ability to keep the results public as much as possible in contrast with business secrecy policies. The LL adopts an open policy towards integrating new investors and partners but with regard to scalability principles and area of expertise. The scalability principles adopted by the LL are according to the LL Harmonization Cube and include issues regarding the organization, the context and the technology. There can also be identified issues regarding the infrastructure. The IPR guiding principle is the one of joint ownership. In such case joint owners have to agree among themselves on the allocation and the terms of exercising the ownership of the foreground. This will be achieved by signing a consortium agreement regarding joint ownership. The idea providers will be encouraged to get their corresponding intellectual property rights from the innovation commercial use. The IPR agreement will guarantee the free access to information and technology as stated by the openness principle. The right for commercial use of information, knowledge and technology will be stipulated by the joint ownership agreement and protected by national and international lows.

References and Track Record

ICT industry development: Partnership with Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the development of a strategic plan and training of human resources for ITC industry in Romania. The partnership with the consortium of the IN-TECH-TRANSFER research initiative focused on developing and implementing methods for an efficient technology transfer. Business Incubation: Partnership HRTC-ITA Business Incubator created and founded with the help of the Romanian Government. Traffic management system: Partnership with the Mayor Office, and private companies for the development of a traffic management system for Bucharest, founded by Romanian GovernmentPartner and multiplier for the following FP7 EU founded projects: -COIN is an integrated project in the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme - EU FP7 Project 216256. The mission of the Coin IP is to study, design, develop and prototype an open, self-adaptive, generic ICT integrated solution to support the above 2020 vision, starting from notable existing research results in the field of Enterprise Interoperability and Enterprise Collaboration.