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 The Amsterdam region has an excellent broadband infrastructure, many international companies involved in design and several world class knowledge institutions. The creative industry is present through many (small) design companies. The population is well educated, internationally oriented and eager to try new products and services. The foundation for a strong position in the design of experience is present.

Challenge for the future is to design the experience with a strong focus and understanding of the fickle user. Technical improvements are often not the most determining factor for success of failure. Social aspects and experience are decisive in the outcome of new introductions. More and more content is produced by consumers themselves. Services consist of complex combinations of other services, linked together through advanced ICT, assembled and configured by users themselves. This all leads to the conclusion that design and develop processes must be redesigned with the new realities in mind.

 The Amsterdam Living Lab is the approach to establish the European Center for design and development of products and services in the area of ICT and new media. This is done by a strong focus on tools, methodologies and knowledge on measuring and understanding behavior and experience. And by creating processes with a strong link between design and understanding real life behavior of users. By creating this knowledge and test infrastructure Amsterdam can increase its position as the place to be for design and development of the experience. Understanding users and connecting to designers.

 To take this further, a strong investment needs to be done in measuring real life behavior:

o Development of tooling to be able to measure behavior and experience of people in real life. Examples are mobile applications measuring location, movement and contacts and also software libraries to integrate in other applications

o Knowledge on what data is needed for what purposes and how to interpret this data and how to use it in design processes

o Establishment of an ecosystem of companies, government and knowledge institutions to drive further development and use of these methods and tools in real design processes

 Focus is on building a sustainable company that will deliver services on measuring behavior and experience with strong ties in the academic community and a firm base in commercial clients.  The focus area of the Amsterdam Living Lab are Mobility, New Media, and Co-creative Design, Environmental Durability, E-Health, Social Cohesion and Tourism.

 The Amsterdam Living Lab is based in a many previous and current projects already underway, like:

o Large scale mobility management by influencing drivers through information and pricing and thereby preventing traffic congestion

o Better energy efficiency by creating more awareness with users on the use of energy through intelligent surroundings and ubiquitous feedback

o The creation of change encounters between people living in the same city area and thereby re- enforcing the social fabric of society with the help of digital media and ubiquitous communication

 The Amsterdam Living Lab is supported by the city of Amsterdam through the Amsterdam Innovatie Motor (, Amsterdam Topstad, the citizens of Amsterdam and works together with world class knowledge institutes (as the University of Amsterdam, Telematica Instituut and The Waag Society), companies (IBM, Nuon, PWC, KPN, Logica, Philips, Accenture, CONTINUON, NUON, Cisco). The Amsterdam Living Lab is financially supported the National Government (Ministry of Economic Affairs) and has the interest of the Dutch Innovation Platform, a national initiative chaired by the prime minister.

Amsterdam Living Lab is member of the ENoLL Council.