Ambient Assisted Living Environment

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Ambient Assisted Living Environment: Wolfgang Putz, Fraunhofer-Platz 1, 67663 Kaiserslautern,  Tel: +49 (0) 631 6800 1606, Fax: +49 (0) 631 6800 1599, mailto:

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The Ambient Assisted Living Environment has been launched in Kaiserslautern in 2006.  Its main objective is the implementation and evaluation of assisted living systems with the long-term goal to provide the end-user a system environment that dynamically adapts to the changing living contexts and needs. The A Environment offers services to research institutions, industry and service providers.

Description of Concept

The Ambient Assisted Living Environment at Fraunhofer IESE (Institut Experimentelles Software Engineering) provides a close to real world environment, in which innovative AAL services and the underlying technical solutions can be conceived, further developed and evaluated. It is a demonstration, evaluation, and integration environment to: 

  • Demonstrate to researchers, stakeholders, and interested public the results of ongoing ambient assisted living development and promising AAL solutions. 
  • Investigate how to reliably collect data of the typical daily routine in a real world environment by means of advanced sensing, reasoning, and acting capabilities, in order to study personal health and wellness propositions. 
  • Evaluate prototypical solutions wrt.:  technical evaluation of functionality and reliability;  goal achievement wrt. to fidelity, effectiveness, and efficiency.   
  • Use evaluation results for iterative improvement of research and development in the forefront in field trials. 
  • Allow a continuous involvement of end-users in the development process. 
  • Offer services for research consortia and product development. 
  • Share experience on system models and information exchange standards  
  • Use the IESE AAL Environment in nationally and internationally funded projects in the context of ambient assisted living. 

References and Track Record

The realistic near-life environment for developing and testing AAL solutions, training the older end users, and measuring the impact of the assisted living solutions proves extremely successful and allows to show potentials of unparalleled new technology to stakeholders, esp. to non-technical persons. The AAL Environment is used as infrastructure for integration, evaluation, and demonstration in national or international funded projects and coordinating actions.

The IESE AAL Environment has been selected as a landmark in “Germany – land of Ideas”. This initiative is sponsored by the German government, commerce, and industry, and exhibits Germany in its creative and innovative wealth.