Amazonas Living Lab

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Dalton Chaves Vilela Junior,    tel.: 55 92 40098115,      

Secretaria de Estado de Ciência Tecnologia,   (Secretário Odenildo Teixeira Sena)    Av. Mário Ypiranga Monteiro, 3.280    Parque 10 Manaus    Amazonas (Brazil)

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The Amazonas LL governance  highlights a strong institutional interaction with   Research, Enterprise, Policy and citizens communities. Its structure includes:    

- The State Board of Science and Technology, 

- SECT, the Executive Secretary and three direct entities:

1. FAPEAM, the foundation which supplies the financial resources for RD&I activities in the Amazon State

2. UEA, the State University

3. CETAM, the State Centre of technological learning which provide intermediate level education.


Amazonas Living Lab constitutes an innovation technological platforms network, focused in the management and products processes of the biomass in the rainforest of State of Amazonas. It helps promote user-­driven open innovation through methods and tools used for improving the real-­world development of products and services. Its purpose is the development of network programs headed to increase the environment and social-economic value of the regional populations centered in the sustainable idea, specially related to the nature, culture, technological innovation and environment education. It works as a  communications hub and it will be an open umbrella brand for enabling companies and the public sector to get in touch and co-­operate with research   organizations and their end-­users in the Amazonian region.    

Results and Impacts

SECT is responsible for science, technology and innovation policies, which includes support to Manaus Industrial Pole, PIM.  SECT has also supported the co-­creation of the   different platforms of the Amazonas LL and is responsible for some of the most advanced social innovation initiatives in the world in terms of preservation and sustainability. Other platforms allow the access to energy,  internet and services with initiatives to provide electric energy for remote communities (inside the national government program ”Light for All”) where in some cases the communities form their own resources to produce electric energy using technologies that in many case were co-created between local universities, companies and the communities. This is the only valid approach to create the best products, processes, systems in the time with the existing cultural values and traditions. Brazil and Amazonia in particular have an  important and respected role on the internationalforum for their social innovation domains, being at the top of the ranking of environment preservation policies (Awarded in 2009).  The  SECT mission is to integrate Science and Technology in the regional development.