Agro Living Lab, Seinäjoki

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Information doc: 

Jenni Koski

Project Manager,

Agro Living Lab, Frami, Tiedekatu 2, 60320 Seinäjoki, Finland

+358 50 554 1440

Effective member: 

Agro Living Lab focuses on usability and user-centred design for technologies in agriculture and forestry.Agro Living Lab locates in Finland, in the region of Seinäjoki which has a strong competence in the sectors the living lab is focusing on. It is a co-operation concept of Seinäjoki Technology Centre Ltd. and Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences.

Description of Concept

The objective of the living lab is to boost the whole production chain from a field to a consumer’s table. The focus is strongly on machine design and man-machine interfaces. The living lab is an R&D tool especially for the companies but also for universities. Current service offering includes usability evaluation made with real end-users or by experts. The services are well-defined and conceptualised so that they are easy to use for companies. Furthermore, our pre- collected user network makes it easy and fast to start a living lab project. Exact service descriptions and user network lowers the threshold of the companies to use the services of Agro Living Lab. The services are targeted to the companies that are making business in agriculture and forestry. Other stakeholders are end-users, to whom the final products of the companies are developed, and universities and other development organizations. In practise the companies will contact the Agro Living Lab, which maintains the user network and negotiates the assignment with the company, coordinates and accomplishes the assignment with the end-users and reports the results with the result report for the company.

References and Track Record

Agro technology and forestry are competences of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. ICT technology in animal welfare is one of the research group’s main research areas. Seinäjoki Technology Centre Ltd. has a long experience in developing innovation environments and tools. It has developed several networks such as FRAMI R&D Centre, the cluster of intelligent machines and a regional group of agro technology. The usability testing service has been piloted with the analysis tool used in the thresher. Piloting will continue together with companies.