African Living Lab ISEG/UNIDAF

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Information doc: 

Mr Mamadou DIOP, President Group ISEG/UNIDAF - Sacré-coeur 1 n° 8469 Dakar Senegal - or Cesmi Faculté de Droit Univeristé de Dakar  Tel. : 00221 33 864 26 60 /00221 77 305 75 55

Effective member: 

African Living Lab (ALL), which is located in Senegal, West Africa, aims at developing an innovation platform to enable the development in several focus fields. Researchers and students of Group ISEG/UNIDAF are going to develop operational activities and projects in close cooperation with numerous national and international organizations and universities. African Living Lab has as ambition to develop a network of laboratories in West Africa closely with ENoLL members. African Living Lab is going to favour technology, competences and know-how transfer at the benefit of the african universities, enterprises and organizations. Towards close partnership, ENoll will be able to explore new research domains and development by involvement of European Living-Labs to exploit new opportunities contained by the African Continent in several fields of activities. By including ENoLL network, African Living Lab wants to take an active part in the development of knowledge on manners and the practices of the urban and rural  African populations confronted with numerous economic and social difficulties.


Nowadays Africa needs technology and sharing knowledge to the advantage of its youth and population to earn in the future the bet of development. Also the promotion of the new technologies has been considered as a great opportunity to improve the development, diversifying local economies and finding new markets. African Living Lab is an open initiative for the economical and social promotion of the urban and the rural area through a new methodology of innovation. The principal aim is to strengthen scientific research capacity by putting more emphasis on strategic projects of special relevant to the Senegal and Africa, integrating R&D, technology  and knowledge transfer, training and other innovation-related activities. 

The main focus fields are :

- Key technology and services to promote digital communities and cities bridging the gap between technology and user appropriation.

- Sustainable development and environment durability

- Training, Elearning and capacities building for young people

- Digital media platform technology

- EHealth and telemedicine

- Immigration and entrepreneurship. The main characteristics of our living-Lab consist in opportunity to develop a network applied research in Senegal and Africa by creating a kind of crossed fertilization between the university world, the middle of businesses and the users. African Living Lab has the capacity to accomplish social areas of innovation by using the students in partnership with local authorities and firms to struggle against poverty.

References and Track Record

 African Living Lab leans on group of facilities of valuation developed within the different partners, recuperating so a big variety of environments and of objectives:

• R&D's platform;

• favoured Environment (Broadband High Speed). Senegal has a good Internet infrastructure.  .1 Survey Centre relies on a process of analysis and feed back of needs, and covers tree missions :

- analyzing needs,

-coordinating and centralizing data,

-diffusion to R&D players,

- nurturing the debate between partners.

• The R&D and Training Centre displays a set of competences able to support the development of innovative projects towards Living Lab project partners: relationship building, hosting, access to expertise and infrastructure, scientific and technological survey, financial engineering...

• 1 Centre for Testing and Validation mobilizes a variety of complementary channel (stakeholders for the mobilization of the users, the sociologists to definite the adapted methodologies; . a financial engineering mobilizing national and international funds thanks to the participation of our different partners. For each project, we realize a budget for all operations and activities. Concerning our experience and capability to become integrated in an International networking, we already participate now in several projects in collaboration with others ENoLL’s partners in the following countries: France, Spain, Italy, Suede, Finland, Israel, Malta...