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The Living Lab network is a vibrant community that is working on the many of the major challenges of our time.

ENoLL services of 2012

EnoLL services etc etc

ENoLL Services

ENoLL international non-profit association Services


ENoLL network services encompass information, publications, events, research and online services, facilitating learning, transfer of experiences, knowledge sharing and interaction among Living Labs community, extending targeted information for various different stakeholders and other interested parties.

Services can be classified in 3 different types based on the membership status (effective, associated and adherent).


Smart Cities

The European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL AISBL) as an association participates, selectively in EU-funded projects that are as strategically important for the whole network or for its working groups such as the smart cities initiatives of the European Commission.


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The community of Living Labs is rapidly extending, with over 200 Living Labs listed today. A Fifth Wave of new Member Organisations was be announced during the Living Labs Conference in Ghent (Belgium), on December 14th, 2010 as a part of the Future Internet Week. New Members will be welcomed on May 16th in Budapest (Hungary).

If your Living Lab wants to become a member of the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) please contact us.